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Sample link to Flash animation

View Andrew Coe’s animation here. Advertisements

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RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

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Remembering the “bad old days” of web video


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Homework 2. Basic animations (Due before 11:59 pm on 9/19)

This weekend’s homework involves a combination of old skills and new techniques. 1. Finish the Animation Exercise from class. If you did not finish the animation exercise during class, please do this first. If you are working from home, you … Continue reading

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DIY Presentations

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Exercise: Tablet Games

By now, you have played at least five different tablet games and had the (somewhat contrived) opportunity to chat with five different classmates. In a short (3-4 paragraph) blog posting, document your impressions of this evening’s activity. Who did you … Continue reading

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Flash Drawing Homework (Due before class on 9/13)

1. Create this image from scratch in Flash. The sky, the stop sign and the lettering on the stop sign should all be exactly the same color that they are in the photograph. When you’re finished, upload a screenshot as … Continue reading

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