Don’t Slip on the Ice

This is the Start Page

This is the start Page

This is a game play shot!

This is a game play shot!

The name of my game is Icy Hangman. I choose the name based on the winter season. The weather has been changing from hot to cold everyday. It made me think of melting ice or melting snow. This gave me the idea of the melting snowflake.  I found the really nice and detailed vectors on a free vector site. I thought a simple hangman and a detailed background would look good. I really like the buttons. I think the speckled border has a very wintry feel to it. There was too much going on so I deleted the white border of the background and only had it show up on the restart page. I still feel that there is too much going on visually, but I really like the design of the game. It was hard trying to delete any of the design. The wintry ice feel of the game is one of my favorite designs I have done so far.


Most of my problems stemmed from not linking the action script to the flash file. Even though the target of the action script was the flash, that was not enough. I got kind of mixed up between working on a maze file and a different one. I also had some troubles with sounds and integrating buttons into my movie clips that were inside other movie clips. All those were solved with some simple trial and error coding.

This is a game over shot!

This is a game over shot!

Although I had different issues then I did when I was coding my original hangman game, this game was easier to conceptualize the coding because I had done it before. After seeing everyone else’s games I feel like mine fell a little short. I had the idea of having a hint and maybe two different sections to the game but the time limit got the best of me. I know I could have done so much more to the game if it wasn’t finals. I really don’t know how everyone else did it.


Play My Game Here!

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