Texas A&M Hangman (Longhorns beware!)

You can play my game here.

The game I decided to do for my final was a Texas A&M themed hangman.  I was really excited to do this project but easily became upset. Once again, this is another one of failed game. I have everything the same as my previous hangman (except I added sound (that works) and movie clips) and it doesn’t work. I cant get the first page to work, you can click the start button but nothing happens. I have my code right but once again there must be something thats not connecting.

This is the start screen you can't get past.

My inspiration for this game was obviously Texas A&M. I went there my freshman year and thought it would be fun to share a little bit of the Aggie traditions with my my Trinity friends. I choose to make the “hangman” an A&M logo that gets smaller every time you guess incorrect. I used this sort of metaphorically in that the aggie spirit is so big and proud that if it gets smaller we lose and thats the end. I also put the fight song of the front page because it is so loud and exciting it gets the player ready to play the game.

My biggest frustration is that my game doesn’t work. You can look at my code and theres nothing wrong!! its so frustrating! I have my start page and when you click start that is supposed to go away and the game is supposed to begin, but it doesn’t work like that. I used previous code from other games to make this one and Rex.

Hopefully someone will look at my code and tell me whats wrong! I can’t find it!


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