Monster Madness

Play my game Here.

My game is titled Monster Mash. This should give away the general theme of the game. I wanted to create a basic shooter: point and shoot. Overall the game mechanics turned out much simpler than I planned. This is pretty clearly a game for children… maybe an interactive tutorial on how to use a mouse. However, I did enjoy putting together the basic design of the game.

The monster infested castle.

I continued the theme I began in the dungeon game. I stuck to bright blues and purples, chunky landscapes and spindly trees I found on a free vector site. The monsters which you have to “kill off” in the game are almost always silhouettes with glowing, colorful eyes. I wanted to create a game which would slightly increase the player’s involvement with each new level. So, on the first page you learn to make the monsters disappear. In the second the number of monsters increases and you must avoid the white rabbit. In the final stretch you have to uncover the treasure while continuing to hunt down ghosts and devils. Simple enough but the basic concept of increased difficulty is present.

In general creating this game became more complicated then I was

The haunted graveyard with hidden treasure.

expecting. Each character contained a minimum of three MovieClips. One to control their disappearance (a small colorful explosion) one to manage their movement, and then a top level symbol used to place them on the page. This added up quickly. An additional challenge was that I wanted the characters to hide behind trees and castle walls. I needed them to be un-clickable only when they were behind these objects. It took a while to resolve this because most solutions required a double click. If you clicked on the characters hiding spot it turned the mouse event off. However, when you tried to click on the character after they left the hiding spot it took one click to turn on the event listener and one to kill the character. I eventually discovered a mouse on, mouse off technique that worked perfectly: click free.

I had additional trouble checking to make sure that all of the monsters were dead. With some help from Dr. Delwiche I realized that I had been ordering my functions and variables a little off. Further, I didn’t need to include “true” in my if statements. From here I was able to add in the logic that would allow me to move from page to page. I ran into a final error of a null object reference. I wasn’t able to solve it easily and it seemed to cause no harm. This is one of the aspects of the game that I would like to resolve at some point.

Although the game is simple it turned out to be a significant challenge. More than any of the other assignments I felt like I had to build it from the ground up. Added complexity would be ideal, but for time I had I felt the level of complexity in terms of design was demanding enough. My focus became creating a cohesive design. Overall, this final game brought home a number of the coding concepts and made my understanding flash and AS3 more concrete.

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