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The name of my game is “MVP Hangman” mostly just because the word lists are various most valuable players according to their respective sports. Basketball, football and baseball are the big american sports, so there is one category for each and the design choices for each level were based around that sport. The football level has football button letters as well as a related hangman game mechanic meant to show the player’s progress. Basketball is also basketball related, with a JumboTronish shape keeping track. I had already made the baseball level and liked the way it looked, despite a seeming lack of relevence. Baseball is a very outdoorsy game, so I thought a calming blue sky and clouds would be nice. Sound effects such as a whistle, or crowd cheering were also used in various capacities in the different levels.

Guess your favorite basketball player!

The biggest challenge was to keep a running total. I was unsure if I wanted to do this at first, since I believe hangman is a whimsical game with little continuity intended. This was difficult, so I decided instead to have a fun little movie as a reward/punishment for the outcome of your guessing, which was not too difficult once I could sync it up with the guesses and sounds. The keyboard input was a bit difficult, but the way I had the mouse clicks set up, I was able to use the keyboard integar value to refer to each letter. Trace statements were invaluable here, as well as a simple stage.focus = null command to allow the player to use keyboard input immediately.

The most frustrating part was making the buttons and getting them to stop responding after they had been guessed. I decided to just link this to the alpha state of the button, since that was essentially the only thing changing about them once they had been selected. This made the game so much smoother and got rid of the biggest bug I had. Play here!


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