Dungeon Escape

This is where my game is stuck and you can't move!

You can play my game here.

The name of my game is Dungeon Escape. The basis of the game is to get the torches and matches to light your way through the cave then ultimately blow up the cave at the end. I chose to use 8-bit style characters to give the game a more retro feel. My main inspiration was the Legend of Zelda. I liked how to game was so basic and easy for everyone to play and understand. I actually have not gotten my game to run properly and I have no idea whats wrong with my code! I followed Rex and the AS Bible word for word and it still doesn’t work! I have all the different classes that I need just something is not connecting with the .fla file.

In level one, the player must navigate through the garden walls and grab the torch to light their way through the cave which leads them to level two. In level two there is an enemy blocking the next cave. you must grab the next torch and shoot the enemy and kill it to proceed. After beating this enemy, you will go to level three. In level three, the player must decide what kind of match will blow up the cave, the green of the blue. Be careful because if you choose the wrong one it sends you back to the beginning!

I though I could solve my own problems but apparently I couldn’t. I copied Rex’s code for most of the classes but I still couldn’t get it to work for my game. I also took code from the AS Bible which didn’t work either. To be completely honest, I feel so behind in the class (in Flash knowledge) compared to everyone else, that I am embarrassed to ask really basic questions abotu stuff we should already know. Hopefully one day I’ll get it!

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