Climbing a pyramid? Sounds like learning to code

I chose to do a trivia game, and it’s called Climbing the Food Pyramid. After looking at a lot of online trivia games, I knew that using consistent font and consistent patterns was key to making it feel put together. One thing I did want for my game that I rarely saw were lots of bright colors. Since I was doing a food trivia game, and using the food pyramid as the level indicator, I wanted my quiz to reflect the vibrancy in that. I created all my own images on Adobe Illustrator, and some of them really show my amateur Illustrator skills! Basically, though, I tried to keep all the background, button, and texts the same, and I think it ended up looking pretty good.

This is the start page.

A key challenge I had when planning out this game, was figuring out when to have different pages, or when I could simplify everything on one page and just use AS to make things visible or not. Once I figured that out, it seemed much less confusing than having different correct answer or wrong answer pages.

One problem I faced was using so many different AS files for each level, because somehow a weird loop glitch occurred and wouldn’t allow my start page to even register. Thanks to Dr. Delwiche, that eventually was solved. Another challenge was my food pyramid movie clip, and learning how to get it to stop at each level as the player progresses. Matt Kafoury (my angel) showed me how to stop it within the actual movieclip, and after that, putting it in the code was pretty simple.

If you get an answer wrong, there is a different response tailored to the level.

One frustration that I didn’t actually solve, but just went a different route and it worked fine, was that my LevelFourManager AS file just would not work. After level three, the whole level four page was a mess, because no clips went visible like they were supposed to. I tried to double check names, and AS connections, but everything seemed perfectly normal, like every other level. I ended up just skipping that number, and shifting everything back so instead of levels four-six, I have levels five-seven.

All in all, I’m proud of my game, and had fun on the design aspects. It will definitely be a fun thing to add to my portfolio when I want to be a nutritionist!

After you complete a level it takes you to this page, and the man advances to the next food group.

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One Response to Climbing a pyramid? Sounds like learning to code

  1. fcoop says:

    This was really creative!! I liked it a lotttttt! Also, your man’s happy dance is funny.

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