Reel Trivia

My game is a movie trivia game. I have decided to title it: Reel Trivia. It is a homonym based pun. It has 10 different questions about 10 different movies. Most of them are movies that I would consider classics. Every single one of them is a movie I would recommend to just about anybody. The ten films are: Inception, Cool Hand Luke, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Blazing Saddles, Se7en, Fight Club, From Russia With Love(James Bond), Dr. Strangelove, and The Dark Knight. Click here or on the first picture to play the game.

I've hidden the question so it doesn't give away the answer

The gameplay is simple. You are presented with a question about a film and you have 4 choices. Some questions are more obvious and easier than others. Once you answer the question, you are told whether you have gotten the question right or wrong and then you are presented with a clip from the movie. Sometimes the clip provides you with the answer, other times it is just a fun clip.

Question prior to answer

Design-wise, my game is pretty simple. It uses a neutral colored background with black text. I liked the neutral color, gray in this case, because it is not too flashy. The focus is really on the questions of the game and not the background or the individual pieces. I liken it to a card game. Simple color background and standard cards. Nothing too complex. The buttons though do have a little bit of thematic element to them. I wanted to throw in just a little movie stuff so I found some vector art of film and cropped it and colored it(for the over and down phase of the button) in Photoshop. The next and restart buttons were from a previous game, they are red. I thought about changing them but the red is nice and dark and not too bright. When the buttons appear they are easily noticeable against the grey background but they are not distracting.

You get a grade based on how many questions you got right

This game was not too terribly difficult to make. I only encountered two major sets of problems. The first was creating the questions. The second dealt with the video. The problem/frustration I encountered with the questions was figuring out questions for each movie that wouldn’t be too easy but wouldn’t be extremely obscure to where no one would know the answer. I just had to bite the bullet on this problem though. Some questions are really easy while others you might have had to pay close attention to know the answer to.

There were several problems I had with the video stuff. The first was each DVD takes between 20 and 30 minutes to rip onto the computer so that took quite some time. Then I had to get all the video to work. This was no easy task. I looked through all the books, on Lynda, and on Google. I could not get this to work for the life of me. Luckily Chris had figured out how to get one of his videos to work on his so he showed me how to do it. Unfortunately I still encountered problems. As Chris says in his post, when you are declaring the video you HAVE to keep the part where you say “new FLVPlayback” as “new FLVPlayback”. You CANNOT say “new inceptionVid”. It will not work that way. Since I had 10 videos I had to name them vid1, vid2, etc… and I used the “this” statement along with my questionCounter to get the videos to tie in with each question. After getting all this to work I realized that every single video starts playing at once when it is loaded. This was an easy fix though. I just added a “stop” command in at the beginning after I have loaded the videos. If you don’t want to watch the whole clip though, that is OK too because when you press the next button the video will stop.

All in all I really like my game a lot. I am a huge fan of movies so I hope everyone else will like it too. I will add in pictures and links tomorrow before class.


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