Going… Going… Gone!

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My game is titled “World Series Trivia Game.”
Of course, I tried to input as much baseball theme as possible in the background and the gameplay. I thought that it would a subtle, yet nice touch to make the buttons correspond to condiments that people put on hotdogs at baseball games. The buttons start off yellow (mustard), when you hover over them they are red (ketchup), and when you click on them they turn white (relish). The background of the game is a baseball diamond complete with bases and the green part is the grass.

For the improvement to my trivia game, I input video in between answers, made the entire trivia game baseball-themed, and added a timer. The video that I input between answers was for if the player got an incorrect or correct answer. If the player got the answer correct, a video of Albert Pujols hitting a homerun, a good thing in baseball, would show up with the text “You are correct.” If the player got the answer incorrect, a video of Moises Alou losing the ball to a fan, a bad thing in baseball, would show up with the text “You are incorrect, the correct answer was X.”
The biggest challenge for the player is the questions themselves. I had to research many of the answers online. I did not randomize the questions and where the answer showed up because I realize I did not have enough time, but I feel like my game can be played a few times before the players gets all the questions correct.

The biggest trouble I had with the game was getting the video to work properly after a player answered a question. First, I wanted to simply put it in my “Correct” and “Incorrect” functions, but it never was called properly. I then made two other functions “Right” and “Wrong” that were inside the “Correct” and “Incorrect” functions. Inside “Right” and “Wrong” was where I set up the video. For awhile, I couldn’t figure out the coding for the video itself because I thought that I would always be calling an instance to the stage. I named variable “Pujols” and “Bartman” for the two videos thinking I would need to do a code like: pujols.FLVPlayback = new Pujols.FLVPlayback. I remedied the situation by going to republicofcode.com that I input into my code:
import fl.video.*;

var myVideo:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback();
myVideo.source = “pujols.flv”;
The reason why my video didn’t work is because this is the base code you need to call and FLV movie. The only part you need to change is the source. You have to call the movie from the same folder as the trivia game and make you have the correct name of the movie.


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