Final Project: Harry Potter Trivia

Start Page

Play my game here.

I chose to create a trivia game about a huge pop culture icon and one of my personal favorite things in the world: the Harry Potter series. My game consists of a start page with a start button, what I like to call a “book page” with the cover of each Harry Potter book that are buttons that lead the player to one of seven quizzes I created. I took several Harry Potter trivia quizzes online and pulled what I think are the most challenging questions.

Each quiz consists of 5 questions; a correct answer will add a point to the Gryffindor house,

Book Page

a wrong answer receives no reward. If the player’s final score is more than 3 correct questions, than he or she is considered a magically literate person and a true Gryffindor. If the final score is 3 or less, the player fails his or her O.W.L.’s and becomes a Slytherin. After each quiz, Professor Dumbledore directs you back to the book page to try a different one.

For my design elements, I looked to the original Harry Potter designs for inspiration. I downloaded the signature Harry Potter font from I also downloaded a Dingbats font that replaces each letter of the alphabet with an image of the books’ characters (i.e. Dumbledore on the last page of each quiz and Snape when an answer is incorrect). My main color scheme is black and silver, also like the Harry Potter main logo, and maroon and gold for the Gryffindor point counter. I prefer trivia games with a simple and easy to follow layout. That is why my question pages are simple silver text on a black background, but I add character to the game with the introductory animation, the book page, a page in between each question, and the final restart page with Dumbledore.

Quiz Question

The most frustrating problem I had was getting the questions to progress. At first, I would answer the first question and when I clicked the next button the first question would reset instead of moving on to the second question. I probably spent about 2 hours trying to figure this out until I e-mailed the class mailing list and Andrew Coe had the simple solution: I had defined my questionCounter variable in the beginning of my code, but no where was there a call to increase it (questionCounter ++;). After adding this into my code, the questions progressed. The only other big frustration I had was with the audio. I originally wanted the Harry Potter theme song that is played from the beginning to stop once the player clicked a quiz. That way it would not interfere with the other sound effects. I tried using the call song.stop(); but kept getting error messages and could not solve the problem. Finally, I just gave up and shortened the audio clip so it would not play past 15 seconds.

All of my Flash and ActionScript experience throughout the semester was culminated in

Final Page with Dumbledore

this project. Unsurprisingly, this was the easiest assignment and I completed it with minimal problems. I have learned a lot in this class and am able to do things I’d never thought I’d be able to do. The Harry Potter Trivia Game is easily my biggest accomplishment this semester.

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