Don’t Strike Out

The name of the hangman game is “Don’t Strike Out!” I used a baseball theme with the background being green (like a baseball field), the letters being light brown (like the dirt on the field), and red X’s to show that the player was wrong (X represents strikes in baseball, which are bad for the player). When the player was incorrect, I made a sound clip that said “Strike” (which means an X is against the player in baseball) and “Out” for if the player lost the game (Out in baseball means the player must go back to the bench and an out is given to the opposing team). I also made sure that there was equal spacing between the X boxes, the letters, and the answer boxes.

Anderson stated in his book that games like “Pac-Man” reward players with more fruits and “Guitar Hero” quantifies every action. But I did not do that because I did not have enough time to complete the project and add those ideas. Because of the book’s description of baseball cards revealing every numeric detail of a player’s performance, I wanted to give “up to date stats” on the players performance that spanned the entire time the player was using my game, but it proved to be too big of challenge. My only feedback is negative. If the player gets it wrong, a red X appears with a negative sound effect associated with baseball. If the player gets the letter correctly, a letter appears and no sound occurs. While I enjoy Anderson’s explanation of the e-mail game, I feel like e-mail is a more global thing that everyone understands and giving points for doing a specific action or doing an action in a certain time is not too far of stretch. With hangman, however, maybe not everyone knows how to play the game. I would also need much more programming to give points to players for answering a word correctly in a set time and have a running clock that keeps resetting. I do not have the capabilities of attempting to code these ideas.

I wish I could have added in some of Anderson’s achievements (e.g. leaderboards, badges, etc.) but time simply ran out to do this extra credit section.

Obviously I struggled with the Hangman assignment. The list of what went wrong starts at the beginning where I couldn’t understand how all the pieces came together. Then I didn’t know where to loop or what to loop (should it be the incorrect boxes, the letters?). I honestly didn’t even know what functions I should set up. The only reason I got through this assignment was a Herculean effort from both Evan and Dr. Delwiche holding me hand and guiding me through this project. This was the project that stumped me and no amount of critical thinking would have helped me in the project.


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