The Early Bird gets the Worm… Well at least he should.

I decided to use the theme of the proverb the early bird gets the worm after I saw a vector of those cute little birds. The little bird must make its way through the maze and past the snakes to get the worm at the end of the game. I used bright colors and different hues of blues to go with the bright blue bird. The snakes I made a bright green and red for all health meters. The birds were the only object I got from a vector site. The rest of the symbols I designed myself in flash.

In level one the bird goes through the maze, picks up the key and then goes to the door. I had trouble getting the players andenemies in the correct placement. Other than the

location of the objects level one was pretty easy to create.

In level two the bird must get past two quick-moving snakes by throwing the acorn to kill them. This level game me the most trouble. The second enemy kept disappearing. I still don’t know why it did that.


The last level was easy to design. I decided to create objects and have the player find the worm from the proverb. I like awkwardness of the objects I designed in flash for this level.

Overall, I had a very hard time coding this project. I felt like every time I tried to code something another part of the project stopped working. Right now I can’t actually get my game to run properly. Funny enough it says my start and restart button are not working. I have coded them different times, deleted them and started over from scratch and also just commented them out and no of that works. I want to get this program to run correctly but I have put in way over the amount of time trying to get it to run correctly. With my luck I am just missing a period or comma. Maybe one day that cute little bird will get the worm.


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