Slasher Basher

Despite not actually bashing anybody, my game is called Slasher Basher mostly because the villains from awful 80’s slasher flicks are the enemies. Each villain gets their own level, so I tried to make the visuals suit them. I wanted a dreary and darkish feel, so the first level is made up of a bunch of greys, which makes the white mask stand out a bit. the second level needed to look a bit scarier, so I went with a red motif to match Freddy’s skin and sort of give him a hellish environment. The last level I wanted to look grimy as well, so I tried to make it look like a dirty tile floor in a basement or bathroom or something.

First Level

Each level presented different challenges, so the first level was probably most difficult. It took me a while to figure out I needed to have the level at the same x and y coordinates as the stage so that my collision detection would work, as well as the movement of the player. for a while, he would only move around in the bottom right hand corner. But figuring that out I then had trouble calling a new stage to the screen, which I figured out about ten minutes before I saw the email with Shep’s hint. Bullets and movement were trickiest in the second level, especially trying to get two instances of the same symbol to have different motion paths. I eventually just made them two separate symbols, but bullets were a bit difficult for me as well. I had to read Rex three times before I understood how the Weapons class related to the Bullet and vice versa. I used the Actionscript bible and Rex throughout this project, and thankfully those sources had all the answers I needed. Other than a couple of internet searches, those two had it covered.


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