Dental Dungeon: Did I really just make a game about oral hygiene?

My start page. Click to play.

The name of my game is “Dental Dungeon.”  The premise involves a tooth navigating through plaque and germs and collecting various items that improve oral hygiene. I designed my game using Adobe Illustrator, and employed visual design choices similar to my previous work in this class—bright colors, simple illustrations, etc. I initially just had a smiley face player fighting colorful, squiggly-lined enemies. When Felicia pointed out that my enemies looked like germs from old health class cartoons, I decided to make my game oral-hygiene-themed. This gave the game clearer direction, making it easier to design the levels. As I mentioned in my dungeon planning post, I used Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax” as the basis for my color palette.

Level One of "Dental Dungeon."

In Level One, the tooth moves around walls of plaque and moving germs to pick-up a container of floss. Once the tooth has the floss, he is allowed entry into the dentist’s office.  In Level Two, the tooth must avoid three rapidly moving germs in order to access a tube of toothpaste. The tooth must then shoot the toothpaste at the germs. Once all three of the germs are killed, the tooth can leave the dentist’s office. In Level Three, the player must select items that improve oral hygiene and place them in a plastic bag. If the player chooses the cookie or the piece of candy, they get a warning message that these items will rot their teeth. If each of the correct items is placed in the bag, the player wins the game.

Level Two of "Dental Dungeon."

I didn’t have any major problems with “Dental Dungeon,” but it took me forever to create. The coding was pretty complex—at first, I was very confused by the idea of using a different .as file for every level. There were many little things along the way that temporarily stumped me—usually these were related to problems with conditional statements in my code or small typos that were hard to find. One specific problem that I had early in the process was related to the placement of the registration points in my movie clips—this skewed the player’s boundaries. This game was also more intensive design-wise than previous assignments, which added a lot of time to the process.

Level Three of "Dental Dungeon."

The vast majority of the frustrations I encountered were solved through careful reading of my code and thinking through the logic of certain functions. I’m still not thrilled with the boundaries on many of the objects in my game; in the future, I plan to use more grid-based designs so the boundaries will be more clear-cut. Although this game took me the longest to create of our assignments thus far, I used fewer outside resources to work through it.

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3 Responses to Dental Dungeon: Did I really just make a game about oral hygiene?

  1. Flossit says:

    Thats SOOO COOL!!!

  2. Flossit says:

    Ok why cant I play the game???

  3. Flossit says:

    Hi there! Is there a way we can chat without using message board?

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