A Very John McClane Christmas

The name of my game is “John McClane’s Christmas.” I wanted everything to be Christmas-themed with the player being a round, Christmas ornament, but my player turned out to be more like a bomb. The idea is to get to the end to save Christmas, like John McClane did in the movie “Die Hard.”

The challenge for the first level was to pick up the key (a yellow star) and reach the door (all doors are Christmas trees). The second level, the player needs to defeat both enemies by picking up a weapon (a black star that shoots yellow bulllets) before being able to touch the door and get to the next level, otherwise, the players is sent back to the first level. The third and final level, the player needs to choose the correct key (one of three stars on the level) and touch the door. If the player has the right key, they win the game and sent to a final screen with a restart button, otherwise, they are sent back to the first level.

The biggest frustration I had was getting the player from level to level and making my bullets work. First off, I wrote my code incorrectly (it was all looping and Dr. Delwiche told me it was wrong). I was able to get some help by using the DungeonOne_Manager’s code regarding bullets and copied and pasted it into my file. The biggest issue I had was moving from one level to the next. I did not realize that the first level should already be on the stage. Once that was accomplished, I also was having issues moving from one level to the next because I did not realize my ActionScript file needed to be named in the same way as my level for the level “listen” to the ActionScript file. The second level gave me the most grief with not only my bullets working, but once the enemies were dead, the ActionScript file did not recognize that both enemies were dead and the player could move onto level three. I solved it by using the code
if (enemyOne!=null)
if (player.hitTestObject(enemyOne))
{player.health.width -= 1; }
Instead of putting the two together


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Senior Political Science/Communication major from Eagan, MN
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