Why do I keep choosing ocean themes…

Click here to play my game.

My “dungeon game” is called Mario’s Under the Sea Quest, because I tried to fashion it after the old-school Mario video games, specifically in the parts when he was underwater. I looked at Google images to get inspiration for the colors, and tried to fashion my seaweed “walls” and enemy characters after those from the original game. Granted, the graphics I created on Flash look brighter than the original game, but I did the best I could. The octopus in level two and ship in level three are just ideas I had to keep in the underwater theme. One of my favorite parts was the text I used that reminded me so much of the text in the Mario video games. I was also very proud of my Mario, because I had to trace him using the OnionSkin method to get it to work the way I wanted it to in my game.

Level One. Mario grabs key and heads toward the door.

I followed the guidelines pretty much for each level. For level one, the challenge is to get the key and unlock the door without getting killed by the enemies (fish). The challenge of level two is to grab the trident and shoot bolts at the moving octopus to kill him before you can enter the doorway. Level three’s challenge is solving the riddle, and then choosing the correct object to answer it, and taking it to the latch to enter the ship and win the game.

Level Two. Mario is shooting lightning bolts from the trident to kill the octopus.

As anticipated, I ran into quite a few problems, mostly in the first and second levels. Most of the issues in the first level involved figuring out how to properly call on the Collision file, and to get my seaweed to act as walls. I had them first named as seaweed, but realized I’d have to change it to Wall unless I wanted to go through the Wall file and change everything. I had help figuring this out, and knowing that I didn’t have name the instances, which was really nice. I also had issues with the Player file, and my character couldn’t move. After some investigating my player character, I realized that since I traced him, his whole body didn’t make up one single symbol object so I had to create a new symbol for him with everything as a whole. In both the first and second levels I dealt with issues of the transformation points not aligning right with that center cross, but that was easy to fix. The second level was difficult because I’d never used the weapon or bullet classes before, but after figuring out naming discrepancies, and altering a few things in those files to coordinate with my game, it turned out the way I’d anticipated it. I got a few errors concerning the null object references, but realized where I needed to add them under functions to make everything run smoothly.

Level Three. This is where Mario must solve the riddle and select the correct object to answer it and enter the latch.

My game is pretty easy, but I’m proud of it. And it’s only a rough draft!

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