Escape of the Pig

Play my game here.

Level 1

The name of my game is Animal Farm Dungeon Maze, inspired by George Orwell’s allegorical novel that tells the story of farm animals’ revolt against humans. Therefore, my game takes place on a farm: the pasture, the barn, and the neighboring street. I simply Googled images of cartoon farms and video game farms to come up with my basic design and color scheme (basic red, blue, yellow, brown, etc.). I drew all of my backgrounds, characters, and objects by hand in Flash using the design tools. However, I used Google images for inspiration. For example, I Googled “pig icon” and picked a picture of a pig figure made out of basic shapes and mimicked it to create the player.

Level 2

My game consists of three levels. On Level 1, the player must navigate bales of hay and avoid evil animated farmers to collect keys that open doors that lead to the next level. In Level 2, the player uses a weapon modeled after a pitchfork to kill the evil farmers and escape the barn to the next level. On the first two levels, the player must be careful not to collide with the farmers or its health meter at the top of the screen will go down until the pig is slaughtered by the farmer. Finally, on Level 3, the player must choose a fellow farm animal (either a rooster, a sheep, or a cow) to help it cross the road to safety. Choosing the correct helper leads the player to safety and a won game. Choosing the wrong character results in immediate loss of the game.

Level 3

I faced several problems throughout the process. At first, it was hard for me to keep track of the multiple ActionScript files. However, that just got easier with time as I adapted my way of thinking to this new strategy. The second biggest frustration for me was monitoring the player’s collision with walls. At first, I designed the wall setup for each level as a separate movie clip symbol and just dragged it onto the corresponding level, but the player could walk through the walls. To solve this, I simply deleted the movie clip symbols and dragged several instances of my hay bale (in the library as “Wall”) directly onto the level page to create my walls.

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