A Little Taste of Blood

Click Here to try out my game, if you dare.

Start Page.PNG

This is the start page that I did not get to work.

The name of the game I created is called, “Saving the Innocents.” For this game, my inspiration came from the idea of a dark dungeon. Although I am hesitant to admit it, I have a fascination with vampires. The combination of these led me to the theme of saving innocent people from supernatural figures.

My game takes place in a darkened setting much like a dungeon or castle. I attempted to infuse each level with the theme through the font I used, the items I used and the color theme. I chose this font, an Old Gothic font, because it depicts an “antique” feel. I also wanted to use the typical objects that are associated with vampires, like werewolves and stakes. The items I found were mostly objects inside Halloween themed vector packages. I edited the color of the objects to ensure that certain elements popped out on the dark and dull backgrounds on each level. The color theme is bright yellow, red, and green so that the objects pop out on the stage.

Each level contains different obstacles in which the player has to maneuver.

Level Three.PNG

The final level requires the player to make sure each child gets home.

The first level requires the player to navigate through wolf enemies, acquire a key, and make it to the door, with the key before losing life. The second level a number of wolf enemies surround the room and the goal is for the player to navigate the wolf enemies, reach a stake, and use the stake to kill the vampire before being able to proceed through the door. Both the vampire and the player have health meters that signal failure. In addition, this level and the first level have apples that increase the players health in order to prolong the life of the player on the levels. The final level requires the player to place three innocent children in their appropriate homes in order to win the game. When the player places the correct child in the correct home, the child disappears and that door dims signaling the correct placement.


end game.PNG

This is the page that appears when the player has won the game.

After the final level, ascreen appears stating that the player is going to be honored with a key to the city for his efforts in saving the people. In each level, the top part of the game displays status updates and information for the player. Except for the third level, the player health meter is located on the upper left hand side. Clues for the level are in the center area of the top boarder. To the right, the level is specified.

I faced many problems in this assignment. The notable problems included getting the wall actionscript file to work properly without glitching my program, getting the player to pass through the maze design in level one, and getting my start page to call to the first dungeon level after pressing the start button. The wall actionscript file issue was solved once I consulted Professor Delwiche who helped me to understand how to use separate actionscript files to control the game. I had another issue after getting the walls to work. They would work too well. I could not get the player to pass certain pathways. After checking the reference points for the wall movieclips, I realized that my wall axis references points were off center. I easily fixed that through positioning the movieclip axis to the center of the object. The final notable issue I had was with my start page. When using the start page to get to the first dungeon level, my player would become unresponsive. If I were to take the start page off, the player would work properly. I tried changing the name of the characters on the start page, but that did not work either. I’m still unsure what is wrong with the design or code.

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