Dungeon disaster…and it’s just the beginning

Play here.

I’m not quite sure what went wrong with my code. I followed Rex religiously, and had a friend check out my code, but we couldn’t figure out the problem. I double- and triple-checked my instance names and movie clips layers (which got to be a little confusing), but I thought I was calling the right instances for my meter; however, neither would cooperate. Besides the fact that mine didn’t work, I felt like I understood the concepts, and calling on different layers within layers to activate specific symbols. I can definitely see how this will benefit in our own Dungeon games.

Dungeon Planning:

1. Color scheme – I started thinking about different games that I’ve played, and which I found most intriguing or different. I almost automatically thought of SuperMario and the underwater parts. 

I love the old school video games, and, if we’re being honest, my own game will probably have characters similar to the very simple design of them. So, I think I’ll have the vibrant blues and greens and pinks like the image to the right.

2. I think I’ll end up making my own characters for the enemies and/or decorations, but I’d like to use Mario or Luigi as the main character as long as I can get a transparent background to work for my game. I’ll probably use the one of Mario below because he kind of looks like he could charging through water.

3. I wanted to stick with the SuperMario theme and want to use the typeface, Type 07_55, which is already in Flash, so I’ll just have to save it as a font to use for action

script. I’ll probably do bold red and yellow colors for the words.

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