Monsters vs. Aliens

Creating the characters wasn’t too bad. I went for a rough copy of Rex’s cute, monster enemies and distinguished them by color. The subObject and meter seemed pretty straightforward. It took me some time to get all of the parts organized. Overall however, I enjoyed this  section of the assignment.

My enemy monsters.

The coding portion went well until I reached the very final stage. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to correctly reference the meter but essentially it’s the same concept as we saw in previous projects. In the end it was this line of code that became my biggest problem:


The concept is simple but I didn’t notice that I was missing my “meter” portion. It took me about twenty minutes to find this error. Other than that the assignment went smoothly. You can view my swf here.

Design Component

Color Scheme: I looked at screenshots from different types of flash games. I finally decided on going for something similar to this post-apocalyptic robot game. I like the desaturated tones  and the strong use of silhouettes. I would likely replace the yellow-grey background with a blue-grey or purple. I especially like the glowing eyes and want to incorporate that into my character design.

Characters: I plan to create my own characters for this game. I intend to limit their basic design to compact, round shapes; maybe aliens? I think by drawing my own players and enemies it will allow for a more cohesive looking  game.

Font: I wanted to use a sci-fi themed font. I found one on dafont.comcalled classic robot. It looks fun but easy to read. It seems to connect well with the post-apocalyptic/alien theme that I’ve begun.

This is the font I picked.

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