Fight in the Dungeon!

Or just random bumbling and collisions. I had fun creating the enemies, pretty simple design, although i’m not 100% sure why so many MovieClip layers. The biggest trouble I had was getting my second enemy to react, because I had accidentally created another layer on the subObject layer.

The coding was fairly easy, the block from chapter seven was easily adaptable. It didn’t take me too long to realize I needed to call the meter from the subObject layer through the enemy layer, and not just through the enemy layer. Otherwise not any problems, see the SWF file here.

Design Component

I thought and browsed through the apple store a bit to find a color scheme I liked, before deciding I want to make it dark and grimy, like a dungeon. Lots of shades of grey and black, with some brownish earthy tones to keep it dirty looking. One game I found that I admire is Dark Nebula, which I know nothing about except that it has the dark grimy look I think would work.

Dark Nebula looks dark indeed


My enemies are going to be monsters from horror films, such as Freddy Krueger or Jason or Michael Myers. I’d probably use the first two and animate them mostly as moving heads (or masks) with tiny nubs for hands and feet. The user controlled character will probably have the same design, but with a regular, smiling face instead.


I’ll be using Showcard Gothic as my text. It looks like the font used for the titles in the old monster movies like Dracula or Frankenstein, which is great to match with the more contemporary cheesy monsters from the ’80’s.


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