Enemy Collisions in the Dungeon

Enemy 1 is dead, Enemy 2's health meter is diminishing.

Coding Component
Click here to view my SWF file.

My coding experience went surprisingly well this time around. I was a little nervous about creating sub-objects and movie clips within movie clips before I started. However, I sailed through with the help of Rex and my fellow classmates.

The biggest confusion for me was referencing my movie clip symbols within my code. For example, to make the width of the health meter decrease, it took me a while to figure out that I had to call the meter nameOfSymbol.nameOfSubObject.nameOfMeter before it would work. I was just simply using the name of the meter on its own. Once I figured out that glitch, the rest was easy.

Design Component
I was inspired by the novel Animal Farm for my Dungeon Game. I will have a farm setting in which an animal will have to annihilate farmers to escape.

Farm Game Inspiration

a. For my color scheme, I searched Google images for “farm games screenshots.” Most of the results used the same basic colors: red barn, green grass, blue sky, yellow hay, etc. I will be using these basic colors in my game.



b. I will be creating my images from scratch using the design tools in Flash. My player will be a pig (the main animal in Animal Farm) and my enemies will be farmers. I may also have some animated movie clips of other animals from the book floating around, but not an interactive part of the game.

c. The typeface I chose is the same as the logo for Yahoo! and can be downloaded from Dafont. It will be used to display status messages and keep score. The color of the typeface depends where it is placed on my background.

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