Enemy Collision

My coding experience was relatively simple until I had to do the health meter. I knew exactly where to put the code into the actionscript file. Right now with my code, I have issues with the meter not being properly defined, even though I have the instance named correctly, it is under Enter Frame.event, and its under the hitTestObject.enemy. I have asked 2 or 3 people to see what’s going on, but everyone is seeing the same exact things as me. I worked for over two hours, so I quit working on the subject. The SWF will be uploaded soon as my computer is currently being used by another person.

For my dungeon game, I will be using a green background with red brick walls as my collision objects. My player is going to be a christmas ornament ball with a blue ball background, a white stripe, and a hook on top. and my enemies will be yellow stars. I will be using Tahoma font since it is easy to read. If you can’t figure it out, I’m trying to do a christmas theme!


About ckradle

Senior Political Science/Communication major from Eagan, MN
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