Enemies Beware

Click image to view SWF file.

Coding Component

The coding for this assignment went very smoothly. I didn’t encounter any issues. Since we had covered many of the relevant coding techniques previously, it was just a matter of adapting them to fit this particular assignment. As a few people have mentioned, the use of sub-objects and instances-within-instances seemed a little convoluted at first, but I didn’t encounter any problems.

I used a very basic design for my enemies because I wanted to focus more on the coding for this part of the homework. I guess the only concern I have is that I might not understand the intricacies of how the meter works and why the all of the sub-objects are necessary. I think I have a pretty good idea of how it all works, though.

My color palette inspiration.

Design Component

a. As with my earlier projects this semester, I’m planning on using a bright, cartoony color palette for my dungeon game. Dr. Seuss was the inspiration for the color palette of my trampoline animation, I think I’ll use him again here (“The Lorax,” to be more specific).

A rough example of one of my characters/enemies.

b. Similarly, I’m going to design my characters and enemies using Illustrator as I did for the hangman game and animation assignment. I like the smooth, clean brush strokes that Illustrator provides especially for casual Flash games. I think I’ll make the characters and enemies look pretty similar to the ones I designed for the coding exercise. That is, simple shapes with faces drawn on.

Twentieth Century MT Condensed Extra Bold

c. My typeface will be Twentieth Century MT Condensed Extra Bold, which I discovered while designing my hangman game. It’s available on Flash and works well with the simple environment I’m designing for my dungeon game. It will be used to display status messages and the player’s score.

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