Batman and Vampires

Want to watch Batman defeat the Vampire enemies? Click Here.

Coding Component:

Batman has killed Enemy One and is finishing off Enemy Two.

This assignment was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did not want to take too much time in designing my enemies, so I stuck to the simple round face design with minor facial features. As mentioned in the homework sheet, the difficulty is in referencing the health meter the correct was in the action script file. After I figured out the key to referencing the enemy objects, making the meter shrink and making the enemies disappear was not an issue. After placing my collision code into the file, I had a problem with my potions. Initially, I had placed the collision detection code before the MagicPotion code which made my potions stop working. It did not take me long to figure out that the order of the code matters.

One of the questions I still have is whether we can put the health meter in a stationary position on the screen while the characters move. With the methods we have used, I’m not quite sure how to approach separating the character and the meter.


The setting of my Dungeon Game will be themed around the idea of a castle.


For my color scheme, I knew that I wanted to base my theme around vampires. So, I searched “castle game screenshots” on Google Images and came across this screenshot of this castle/dungeon game. This screenshot embodies the look that I want to achieve: the grey, cold background with brightly colored objects that stand out.

An example of what I want my main character to look like, not including the background color.

My player characters will  look like cartoon characters. Images such as the main vampire character will be a cartoon image borrowed from Google Images. The stake, heart, sun, and wolf will be hand drawn on flash or Adobe Illustrator. I will attempt to keep the colors of the characters bright enough to be visible on such a dull and dark background.

The font I will be using is called ModernAntiqua. It is available to be downloaded on Open Font Library. The font will be yellow to follow through with the bright character colors. It will be used to display status updates for the player such as “You Made It!” and “One too Many Stakes to the Heart. Start Over.” The idea is to give the game a more “old age” feeling. I specifically like the arches of the letters in creating the “r” and “n.”

Font I want to use to display status updates.

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