Dodging Poorly-Drawn Monsters

I just killed Enemy Two, who is just a blue version of Enemy One.

View my SWF here.

Overall, this assignment didn’t give me a tremendous amount of trouble. My biggest challenge was drawing monsters without a clear guide from Rex. Ir’a scary how bad mine look. Animating them in the timeline wasn’t difficult, but I’m not exactly sure why we make the tween on the subObject, rather than the actual monster on the stage. Gettin them to work though was not an issue.

Detecting the collision and lowering the health bar proved to be a little difficult. I kept getting an error message saying that “meter” was not found or was not compile-time constant. After about 15 minutes of frustration, I realized it was because the name of the MovieClip in my library, and the name I exported for ActionScript were “meter,” instead of “Meter.” Since my instance name was “meter,” this seemed to confuse Flash. After that though, I didn’t really have any problems.


For my color scheme, I want something minimalist and high contrast. A stark, sleek look befitting a game set in the future. I think my game’s colors will be based heavily on the new Tron movie and arcade game, with stark blues and oranges set against a deep black background.

Though this isn't a dungeon game, I'm a big fan of the graphical style.

My characters will be faces set behind dark masks. I think my player character will be a dark (though not black) circle with blue accents that give the appearance of a motorcycle helmet with reflective visor. My enemies will be similar, though they will use orange accents and their masks will look more like gas masks, which seem more evil. 

Mine will be a 2D circle, but it could be based loosely on this.

My typeface will be Segoe WP, the font used in Windows Phone 7. I recently saw an article (though tragically I can’t find it anymore) comparing the UI default fonts from all the major smartphone operating systems, and it came to the conclusion that Segoe WP is a fantastic UI font. It should be easy to read and attractive within my design.

This is Segoe WP. It's pretty, right?


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