Dragonball Z : Hangman Style

For my hangman assignment, as an anime buff I really wanted to do something related to my interests. Given the fact I just started the Dragonball Z series (which comes after Dragonball should you wonder), i decided to make this revolve around one of the main character’s rivals: a powerful being named Vegeta. The result:

DBZ Hangman

An icon of Vegeta replaced that of the typical hangman, and in lieu of disappearing body parts, instead the user is presented with a message warning that Vegeta’s power is getting too high! With each incorrect letter selection the little blurb coming from Vegeta’s text bubble has a new warning message. This simple little system encourages the user to race to the finish and quickly find and answer before Vegeta’s power level grows above 9000 (similar to the concepts shown in Anderson’s Seductive Interactive Design how a game can motivate users to try harder and harder to win and improve their performance). Emotionally they are linked to playing/continuing the game (Anderson) to defeat Vegeta in a battle for survival against a powerful enemy; DBZ Hangman brings a little action to the scene hoping to take the player for a fun ride!

As an added piece of functionality, I decided to add just one sound, a simple clip from the series that warns “His power level is over 9000!” This is another example of a part of the program that will try and correct the user’s actions by forcing them to make better decisions and screw up less! It also (Anderson) encourages corrective action, as the little sound byte seeks to be a slight taunt that basically is telling the user, “Better luck next time Chump!”.

Regarding color and font choices, I wanted to go with a cartoon theme, but also with something somewhat serious in the font realm, so I selected Wide Latin as my main font. As for the stage colors I employed a dual Green / Black system for a nice soothing experience that adds more to the user’s feedback and makes the game much more enjoyable. Everything was included to blend in with the other elements and hopefully not clash too much! The hoped-for result would be a game a user would find more attractive and would be able to be more emotionally involved in because it would look more professional than another Hangman game might.

I wanted also to eliminate a tendency for a person to try and select a button twice (something to again deepen the user’s experience) but making the button invisible after it is selected, another little add-on to make the game a little more enjoyable.

My main problem was just getting the organization of the program figured out, after much planning I set out a nice layout of the program and set out coding each separate module of the program. Working from the stage, to the buttons, and then to the output boxes, I was able to make a working game (not without much headache). I originally had selected buttons for the letters, but I ran into many problems with them that I decided to go with text boxes, the end result being my code looked much neater and worked flawlessly to boot. As always I seemed to mess up my naming conventions, mixing up cases of instances, or just having things crash for no reason. The only solution in some cases was to go back to other copies of my files and re-code!

For me this assignment was a better way of linking what we have read so far with what we have also taken from Rex and Linda. It was refreshing to see how everything fit together, the design and coding theories together make a nifty little program!

Play it here!


About mattcoffer

I am a college student working on a dual degree in Accounting and Finance. I enjoy (free time permitting) collecting science fiction replicas and assorted collectibles, as well as real-time strategy games and exercising.
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