Mickey Mouse in da House!

For this assignment I decided to make a Walt Disney themed hangman. the name of the initial game is Walt Disney Character Hangman. I used a mickey mouse face instead of the hanging man in most hang man games because it was easy to draw in flash and was Walt Disney’s original cartoon!

The visual approach I was attempting to use when to user failed was that Mickey’s face was getting erased like he was a drawing. each facial feature disappears until he is just a black circle. If I wasn’t so frustrated (and if I had one more day on my free trial!) I would have added the eraser sound every time a user guessed incorrectly.

This is what the user first sees!

One of the problems that I had been getting the “Yay! you guessed correctly” output text to appear when all the text boxes are full. I am still having issues with it but I think I can work it out with a little more time.

I also was still unsure on using “i” so I avoided using it. I think it might have made my project a lot easier if I would have used “i” but it works ok with out it! I just used more “if” statements than I should have and had a few different arrays that I could reference throughout my code.

At some points while making this game, I really did get into a flow state. Once i started i couldn’t stop. This really helped me solve  lot of problems because I had a drive that kept me going.

Oh No! I lost!

I really enjoy my game and I think with even more time I can make it really awesome!

Play my game here!


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