Bombs Away!!

I began thinking of this assignment in colors. I wanted black, grey, white and a color that would stand out… Red! Explosions, flames, and bombs. That was how Bombs Away was born. The bomb was the perfect counter for a hangman. As the player incorrectly guesses a letter the fire gets close to the bomb and then BOOM! You’re dead.

I had problems with sounds. The sound issue I fixed when I went back and reviewed my CatBelly assignment. I was having problems with naming. I think I renamed my buttons about 4  times. I also had to keep going back and adding variables. I forgot the number wrong variable to keep my counter in the right position. I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to do this project or even get it to work, but with the help of the hints, a lot of internet checking, and my wonderful classmates I got it together.

Anderson discusses the need to compel the user into continuing the game. Emotions are a stong component of game play and I used the bomb to entice people to continue playing. The bomb played to the players anxiety by having them guess correctly before the bomb went off. This reminds me of a timer mechanism that causes the player anxiety when trying to complete a task before time runs out.

This project was a scary one. I am so proud of the way I got the game to work. I think this game only succeeded from the collective intelligence of the whole class. The people who led the way have my utmost respect because without them I would not have been able to finish this game.

 Click Here to Play!

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