Nature Hangman

Click here to play my game.

The name of my game is Nature Hangman and all of my dictionary words have an outdoor theme. As the player guesses wrong letters, petals fall off of a flower one by one. This serves as a feedback loop as defined by Anderson. By watching the flower petals, the player will know if he or she is guessing correct or incorrect letters, and can make his or her next decision based on the status of the flower. The player is only allowed 6 wrong answers before forced to restart the game with a new word.

I encountered several frustrations along the way, and my game is still not functioning exactly as it’s supposed to. My first problem was understanding how to write a checkGuess function after using the shortcut with only one event listener and one event handler for all 26 alphabet buttons. Eventually, I just ended up creating 26 separate event listeners and event handlers and, although my code is a few hundred lines longer and I have become very skilled at copy and paste, I found this much easier to learn from the hints and move forward with my code.

My second frustration was dealing with the movie clip. The petals are falling off the flower everytime you click a button, even if it is a correct choice. I tried several solutions to this problem, including Googling my error messages and experimenting with different code. However, I still could not solve the problem and suggestions are welcome.

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