Starfish Squisher

Click here to play my game, Starfish Squisher!

The name of my game is Starfish Squisher. I have no idea actually where the beach theme came from, because I’m not a huge fan of being covered in sand, or of salty, tangled hair, or of those creepy ocean creatures. I started with the stage color as seafoam green, and thought the orange buttons would look nice on it, and then thought the blue complemented it as well. Those three colors reminded me of the beach, so this is what came of it.

I was absolutely terrified starting this assignment, as were most other people I’d assume. The variable and function break-down sheet helped a lot at the beginning, to at least get my thoughts organized (I ended up changing some of the names when I was actually coding because they made more sense to me). The first problem I encountered was a stupid naming issue, where I forgot to name the symbols with capital letters, so the program confused the symbols with my instance. Figuring out how to get the correct letters in the right boxes took a while, mostly because I had to make sure I was calling on the right word variable, but it was nice to get one thing down and the rest seemed to make a little more sense.

Another issue was figuring out how to deal with incorrect guesses, and I had a little help dealing with my correctGuess variable as a Boolean, but it turned out to be easier for coding later on. The movie clip wouldn’t work for a while, until I realized I’d set the wrong parameters for the time frame of my actual clip, and once that was done, it worked fine!

To go along with the beach theme, I chose a starfish as my “hangman”. It’s important to have this so the player is given feedback, as Anderson mentions is crucial. If I could add more to this game to follow Anderson’s rules, I’d probably update the player after each incorrect guess about how many turns they have left. That way, they would be more careful in choosing a letter, knowing how many turns were left, thus providing a clearer feedback loop.

I really feel like I understand a lot more now about how the class and levels of each function work. Also, even though I did pretty much everything the longer way (i.e. button functions, event handlers, etc.), it just made more sense in my head, whereas sometimes the shortcut codes can boggle it. One day I’ll get there. Until then, I’m pretty proud of this assignment. I believe the only unsolved issue is with my restart button, but when I realized I’d probably have to go back in and change a lot of coding, I decided against it since I was afraid of messing up.

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