A Refreshing Game of Beverage Hangman

A game in progress. I went back to the same Windows Phone 7 UI theme that I used in my trivia game.

Click here to view my game.

My game is creatively titled “Beverage Hangman,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Every word in the game’s dictionary is a type of beverage, and the score counter is an abstract icon depicting a glass of liquid slowly being emptied with each incorrect guess. Even the game’s sounds contributed to the theme, with a series of gulps, slurps, burps, and satisfied sighs giving the player a sense of their progress.

All in all, things went as smoothly as I could have hoped. My biggest frustration came from checking the currently-guessed letter against the correct letters of the word. I attempted to make an if statement that used a loop and this[] function to incorporate all the letters of the word, but for some reason the code just wouldn’t take. It wasn’t a soul-crushing defeat though, as I simply made 8 if statements for each of the individual letters. Not ideal, but also not as tedious as the 26 separate letter functions I had written earlier.

I also had some trouble getting the end game conditions to register. I had no trouble getting my checkEnd function (which was later replaced) to trigger whenever the user guessed a correct letter, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a 9th if statement that triggered the function if the letter was incorrect. I realized I should put the call to that function outside of my original 8 if statements, then check a correctCounter variable to determine if any correct letters had been guessed.

The game automatically fades all the buttons and removes their event listeners after a win or loss.

It took me about 20 minutes to get the sound working correctly, but it was because I hadn’t exported it properly for Actionscript; not a huge deal.

I wish I had time to add an animation to the beginning, but unfortunately this is a busy weekend for me. Overall though I enjoyed this assignment because it pulled together everything we’ve learned so far, and let us put the pieces together in our own way.

UPDATE: I started working on a starting animation, but a lot of errands came up yesterday that prevented me from finishing.


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