Trivia Game: Easy to Play, Hard to Create

I'm unreasonably proud of that little white box that shows up behind the correct answer.

This was a lot harder than I anticipated, but with some help and patience, I got through it. My trivia game consists of two media-related questions. I’ve always been interested in movies and television so I picked one question from each of those categories that could potentially be interesting for others. I used a very basic design and rather simple questions because most of my attention was directed to the ActionScript code.

The coding was very difficult for me–I think I would have felt more comfortable after one or two more classes of guided practice. Having everything controlled by ActionScript was pretty intimidating and coding is a lot harder without Rex or Dr. Delwiche’s packets to guide you through the steps. To be honest, I encountered problems (of varying difficulty) at each step of the process, but I got through them eventually. The only remaining issue is a glitch in which skipping a question with the Next button is not always counted as an incorrect answer. I realized this around the 5 hour mark and didn’t have the willpower to fix it.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the game turned out. Once I had the necessary code done, I enjoyed figuring out how to do things like highlight the correct answer and hide certain objects at different points during the game (mostly using the alpha controls and a ton of conditionals). If I had noticed the Next button glitch earlier, though, I would have focused on fixing it rather than these finishing touches.

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