Trivia Game

For as simple as my trivia game seems, I had plenty of problems with my Actionscript code. The easiest part was choosing my questions and creating my objects. I chose to do Harry Potter trivia. I am a huge HP fan: I’ve read each book 4 times and I own all the movies on DVD. It was also easy for me to create the buttons and text boxes in Flash. The only tools I used were the rectangle tool, the text tool, and the free transform tool.

The biggest problem I had was making the the correct answer change between the 2 questions. For example, the correct answer to question 1 is choice B. The correct answer for question 2 is choice C, but the game still says B is the only correct answer. I received help from Evan and other classmates, but no one could find anything wrong with my code.

I think my trivia game turned out just OK. I do not know how I would make one longer than 2 questions without using different pages though. Although it did not turn out perfectly and I still have some questions, I definitely learned from this experience.

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