Spaghetti Western Quiz

This assignment was definitely a challenge. I had a significant amount of trouble conceptualizing the layout of the game to begin with. Additionally, right off the bat I had some substantial issues with my dynamic text boxes. I ended up doing the project a number of times and having to start over from scratch. However, with help from Evan and Dr. Delwiche I managed to get through most of the requirements, and was able to gain a better grasp of the concepts in the process.

My first question from the quiz.

One of the most confusing aspects of this assignment was fully grasping Arrays. Although we used them in our last project there were still aspects that I was fuzzy on. This was especially tricky when trying to understand how an Array could be used to determine whether an answer was correct or incorrect. Once I began to understand that I could use a sixth slot in an Array for holding the correlating slot number of the correct answer, things began to grow clearer. Another problem I ran in to was that I did not actually call my question counter. For a while nothing showed up in my correct/incorrect text boxes. I had paid attention to my other two counters but left this one disconnected. From here things began to make more sense and go more quickly.

There are still some rough patches in my code.  For some reason I was never able to make one of my functions work. I was trying to call a blankOut function that, on the final page, would empty the text fields and make the alpha of each button zero. This never worked though and neither did my restartButton function. After this button was clicked it was supposed to clear all my counters and restart them. For some reason however, it kept them as they had been at the end of the game. At this point I was well over my five hours and decided to call it quits. Hopefully sometime in the near future though, I’ll figure out where I went wrong.

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