Illinois Trivia Game

I made my game Illinois state trivia since I was born and raised there, so coming up with the questions was the easiest part. I made the unfortunate mistake of forgetting to export my font to actionscript when I embedded it. The error message didn’t show up until I deleted my placeholder text from the text boxes on the flash stage.

 An error message I did repeatedly receive for a line defining an array was error 1093, with just said something about syntax. I typed it into google though and obne of the first suggestions was just to type the line again because it was some sort of glitch, which worked.

Once I got the text going, it went pretty smoothly assigning each text box its own number from an array, but my Incorrect variable always added one more than it should have. I couldn’t figure out where it was adding it from, so i just subtracted one from the final and that works. Also, I got the stage to reset at the end, but the buttons and what they do behave as if it is still the second question and not the first. I’m sure there is a simple way around this, but I ran out of ideas. Everything else went well.


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