80’s Movie Trivia – So Radical

Needless to say, this assignment was pretty tricky at first. My trivia questions revolved around 80’s movie trivia, because they are some of my favorite movies. Especially John Cusack’s roles in his 80’s films. I used Google to search for different aspects of 80’s movies to gain some inspiration for my second question.

First question of my trivia game. The answer (C) was correct!

 I was so unsure if I’d be able to complete everything with just the one stage, and no additional pages. The output text boxes are wonderful though. I owe many thanks to Evan, for helping me tackle a lot of problems I couldn’t seem to figure out from the Internet. I got so excited when things would work out though, and realized I was putting in way more thought to things that ActionScript made simpler. For example, for my second question, I tried to copy and paste all my button functions again with the new text, when I took care of that with the tempArray.

I ended up quitting after I couldn’t figure out how to restart the game. I got the button to show up using alpha, but I didn’t understand how to make everything start over again without ruining what I’d already done. Other than that, I am pretty proud of my finished product.  


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