Sorry about the Gloom

Cloud Symbols

I decided to do a Halloween animation. When I finally got to posting the blog I saw that everyone’s post included happy, bright, and lively animations. Oops. I was just attempting to get into the Halloween spirit. That’s why I decided to name the animation Sorry about the Gloom.

 The little zombie guy and the bats are the key characters in my animation. I used two different types of bats. The clouds are the reusable symbols. I created these merge drawings in flash. They are the same just flipped or resized.

I used Tom Gren and Tiago Dias’ Foundation Flash CS5 for designers to incorporate audio. I used the book specifically to have the scream sound exactly when the bat attached to the zombie dude. The audio gave me a bit of trouble. I had to first put the wind and spooky graveyard signs into the animation, that was easy. Then I thought I would just have to create a keyframe to place the scream audio where I wanted. This turned out to be a little harder than I expected. I had to make sure it was not looped like the graveyard and wind animations. Gren and Dias informed me that I needed to create a new layer specifically for the audio if I wanted it to begin and end at a specific frame in the animation.

Trial and error was my best source in figuring out the problems I had. I started over more times than I would like to admit. The bats movie clips as well as well as animating the zombie were very difficult for me.  For example, I kept changing the size of the zombie so when I place him into the animation, the clip kept jumping between sizes. It looked like the little dude had the hiccups. I finally had to create a whole new zombie and change him before I added the brain spatters or moved his arms and legs. I also had what I deemed a “crazy bat.” No matter how many times I

Crazy Bat's Motion Path

tried to fix his motion tween he would move faster than the others. I finally decide to move the part that was giving me a hard time out of the stage till the bat returned to the behavior as the other bats.

Next time I would start of with the zombie instead of the bat and work that way. It was harder to place the zombie to interact with the bat because he was more difficult to get to work properly. This assignment wasn’t as scary as I foresaw it to be. I actually enjoyed the outcome.

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