Pac-Man Love

The title of my animation is Pac-Man Love. I had so much trouble trying to decide on a  subject, but I ultimately decided to tell the, previously untold, story of the love between Pac Man and Ms. Pac-Man. I my animation. Mr Pac-Man is just chasing ghosts and fruit when Ms. Pac-Man goes by and he wants her he chases her till finally she gives in and they kiss and fall in love.

The key characters in my animation are Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, the Ghosts, the cherries, and the heart. I had a few reusable symbols such as the Pac Man movie symbol (I had to make two different ones, one for going left and one for going right), the Ms. Pac Man movie symbol, the ghosts, the heart, and the cherries.

A new technique that i used was to make the pac-man movie symbol. He is composed of 4 different key frames that repeat: the first is his mouth wide at a 90 degree angle, the second his mouth is open only 44 degrees, third is all the way closed and forth is the 44 degrees again so he has a seamless transition between open and closed mouth. I got this tutorial from Luka at The tutorial was very helpful, and though it was from an older version of flash, it matched perfectly with my version.

I had many frustrations along the way. The first was I could not figure out how to create a movie symbol and actually give it an action. I figured out how to do this from Luka and from I had to just play around with it my self to figure out how to make things look nice. It took alot of trial and error!

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are made by hand as well as the background. The ghosts, the cherries and the heart are from image resources online. Ms. Pac-Man was a little complicated to make because i had to make each individual shape for each of her lips and her bow.

If i could do it over, i would have started earlier so i could put more elabortion into it. I would also refine the audio. Its a little off but i was having problems getting it to copy only a small part and loop it.

Over all, i am happy with my animation and i hope you enjoy it!

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