Mushroom Kingdom Gladiator

The stage is set

That is the title of my animation, a 15 second epic on the pugilistic exploits of Mario. First of all, it seemed like he would be easy to animate and there are tons of images of him out there. Also, it’s a familiar setting for everyone and Gladiator is one of my favorite movies, so I had to give it a shoutout. The best part was getting to draw the roman looking helmet on the Mario I got off of Deviant Art. The toads were also very cool and one of the first things I stumbled upon (uploads from, so I had to use them. My key characters were Mario, the mushrooms, and the Flash Toad, with each being reusable symbols, including all the toads in the stands.

There were a couple of new components that I had to learn to make this movie work. First of all, I wanted my text to move around and be animated.

It begins!

A tutorial on “motion tweening text” from was helpful, but I didn’t want to convert my letters into symbols, because I needed to shape tween it with mario. So I instead just used the shape tween and shifted the text myself. The movie clip was a bit tricky as well, and I ended up going to and found a tutorial on working with frame previews. I used this to make a couple different sybols involving multiple characters and then just using a motion tween to animate it. The movie was definitely frustrating, as it required you to make each different frame a symbol. The biggest time waster for me was incorporating the sound clips. It took me a half hour of fiddling and two seconds of Google searching to find out that sound clips can’t be edited in flash. So when I clicked on each sound clip and selected edit in Audition, it would say the file is not compatible, even though they were WAV and MP3 files. But when I opened Audition and loaded the audio clip it worked.

There are a couple of things that I would do differently, the first being to use more Motion tweening. I used a lot of classic because it was Mario, but motion would definitely look better. Second I wouldn’t spend as much time polishing my characters. I spent a solid hour and a half to two hours finding and creating these characters, when I might have been able to draw or manipulate others easier. I would definitely get rid of the white background around the thumb and fill it to look better as well.


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