Spinning My Brain’s Wheels

My mushroom's path around the birds and pigs.

3. This part of the assignment went really well for me. The process was very simple, and I liked using the pencil tool to determine the mushroom’s path. This method made made for a clean, smooth, easy-to-adjust path. I didn’t encounter any problems.

4. This one was a little trickier, but the Lynda tutorial was very clear and helpful. Luckily, I realized pretty early into the process that I would need to make my text into shapes (the guy on Lynda makes it clear that the two objects must be shapes) and there were plenty of online resources explaining how to do that. Other than some initial intimidation, the process for “shape tweening” went very well. I encountered no problems due to the abundance of online resources. Using these sources as a guide, I drew my initial shape (the beautiful brain shown below) on the first keyframe. Then I made a keyframe on the 20th frame and typed TFYQA. To change the letters into shapes, I used the “break apart” feature twice. I then right-clicked between the two keyframes on the timeline and created a motion tween.

Check out my brain.

5. The two wheels appear to move differently because the first wheel is a single symbol while the second wheel appears to be a more complex file consisting of two wheels, one of which is slightly rotated. When animated, this makes it seem as though the second wheel is rotating. This distinction became apparent to me when examining the properties of the files contained in the library on Flash.

This assignment took me approximately one hour to complete.

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