Making Progress

A little shaky with the pencil tool, but here’s my motion tween

1. This task was fairly simple, minus keeping the pencil straight without shaking too much. It’s cool that you can use it to move objects in crazy directions though. I did have a hard time judging the size of the character so that after I made the line to move it, it ended up running over a few objects in the background.

2. I had to watch a Youtube video on how to Shape Tween shapes into text, but it only took a few minutes to actually do, and made me feel quite accomplished. Below are the different phases, from a yellow five-point start to the letters ‘TFYQA’, and their transition.  


The beginning star shape

Transition phase


Word after transition







3. I’m very happy to report that I figured out the wheel ON MY OWN! And it didn’t take more than ten minutes. I noticed in the library of the 2nd video there were two different sizes of rectangular spokes, and after clicking through each frame to look for differences, I realized between two there was a difference in the size of two adjacent spokes.

All equally sized spokes on wheel

The two horizontal spokes are slightly larger than the rest.










It took me approximately 1 hour to complete the homework assignment.

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