Homework 2 – TFYQA

3. Experiment with more complicated motion paths. 

This was pretty easy. I thought the process of changing the original path to the pencil line would be more of a challenge, but since it didn’t give me any problems I decide to add a loop to give it some character.


4. Master the art of “shape tweening” 

This was a little difficult to understand. I had to watch the Lynda tutorials more than once to understand exactly what I was doing. Then I had to google the information to see the breaking apart of the text to transform it into a shape. After I figured it out it seems that it should have been a lot easier to understand then it actually was.

5. Solve the case of the mysterious wheel

My guess is that since the 1st wheel is a graphic symbol and the second one is a movie symbol that the second wheel is a repeating symbol of the wheel spinning. This is tweened the same way as the first, but since there are different graphics  it gives the illusion that the wheel is spinning while it is falling.


Approx – 2hrs 45 mins

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