Homework 2

Part 3: Motion Paths.

I felt as though this section was very easy. It is very convenient that you can create your own path using the pencil tool instead of having to make curves out of the motion tween tool. It definitely makes the animations appear much smoother when you play it back.

Part 4: Shape Tweening.

I found this section EXTREMELY difficult. I watched the Lynda tutorial as well as the tutorial on www.quatunet.com that came up from a quick Google search. However, I still couldn’t seem to figure it out. It took several attempts (8 different Flash files were created) and the help from a classmate who was figuring it out too. Once I had it explained to me in lamest terms, it seemed obvious and easy.

Part 5: The mysterious wheel.

In the first animation, the wheel is a single symbol and therefore moves as a unit. In the second animation, the wheel and the spoke are different symbols. Therefore, the spoke moves independently of the rest of the wheel to give the illusion that the wheel is spinning.

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