BeTween Shapes and Symbols

The first problem gave me a bit of a challenge but nothing that Google couldn’t solve. For some reason I was having difficulty inserting my pencil line into the motion path. I’m still not certain what I was doing wrong but I managed to get it to work after reading up on some instructions in a Flash forum. The line wasn’t pretty though. I think I prefer working with a motion path and bending the line like we did in exercise 4. 

Problem two gave me the most trouble. My instinct was to find a way to convert symbols into shapes so that I could take an image and shape-tween it into text. There were some instructions on how to use movie clips for this but they did a poor job of explaining the process. So, after  fruitless research I settled on doing some time-consuming drawing. I didn’t feel I was up to creating a brain so I decided on a light bulb. I then used the pen tool to trace my text. From here it wasn’t tough to shape tween the two.


The in-beTWEEN stage



















When I examined the wheel movieclip this is what I found.

This final part of the exercise just required some extra thought for me.  I looked at the two files next to each other and the animations looked the same as I went over them frame by frame. However, when I went to the library for the second wheel and examined the contents of the movieclip  I saw that it was composed of 3 layers. The layer named ‘Spokes’  had a 2 frame animation. The spokes do a 22.5 degree rotation from one frame to the next creating a spinning effect.

All in all this homework took me somewhere between 2 and 3 hours.



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