Andrew M’s HW2

3. The angry goomba wasn’t too difficult, especially since the exercises during class were very similar. The pencil tool is so awesome, incedibly useful for creating character motions. One thing that for me though was when I pasted my pencil line as the movement line, it adjusted itself from where I drew it, probably to match up directly with were the symbol was.

4. The shape tweening was quite difficult, but luckily for me, the first reult in a “Text in a shape Tween” search was a useful tutorial from that both showed you what to do and told you how to do it. The key for me was to break apart the pentagon at both ends and to twice click to break apart the text box so it would focus on the single letters.


5. The difference between the wheels are the spokes. Number one is a self-contained symbol that just moves itself down, while the second one is a wheel symbol consisting of spoke symbols that rotated on their own. You could see this in the object library and also because the wheel with the rotating spokes had a white background, showing that it itself is an animation. This homework took me about an hour and a half.


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