Homework 2

Angry Goombas

So the first part of the homework was really easy for me. It didn’t take me long at all since I had already done this part in class, with the exception of using the pencil tool. I didn’t really encounter any problems with the exception of using the trackpad on my laptop at home. I couldn’t create a smooth line so it looks like my goomba is experiencing some turbulence on the ride but overall it worked really well. If I had a traditional mouse it may have been a bit smoother but I am not the greatest drawer so this may be as good as it would get.

Scottish Flag to TFYQA

So for the second part of the assignment I created a rough version of the Scottish flag and shape tweened it into TFYQA. It was pretty easy to create the two things but I ran into a lot of problems trying to figure out why the shape tween wouldn’t work. I eventually figured out that my “TFYQA” was not a shape and needed to be but I couldn’t figure out how to make text into a shape so I googled it and found a website that helped me convert it. The site I used is called Republic of Code. Basically it told me to break the text into individual letters and then break it down again into shapes. So once I got that done it was smooth sailing from there. Converting the text back into the flag was pretty easy. I just added a few more keyframes with the shapes I wanted and created another shape tween.

The wheel. A simple yet deceptive mechanism

The last part of the assignment I had to look around at other people’s answers for because I could not figure it out for the life of me, but now it makes sense. I tried and gave up after about 20 minutes or so of poking around. The symbol has two frames in it and as it moves it changes back and forth giving the illusion of rotation. The homework took me just a little over an hour to complete. It would have taken shorter if I would have been able to figure out that last part quicker….


About andrewtcoe

College student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX majoring in Communications.
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One Response to Homework 2

  1. aarondelwiche says:

    Hi Andrew — Glad you allowed yourself some time to poke through the files. Can you elaborate a bit further about how you managed to convert the text to a shape? What exactly did you do?

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