Homework 2: When Mario Meets Angry Birds

Goomba would make a great Angry Bird.

Part 1

The first part of the assignment wasn’t too difficult because I had already worked through the same basic process in class. The big difference was using the pencil tool instead of the pen tool. This made for a faster process, but obviously a less-than-perfect motion path. I’m looking forward to creating more advanced motion paths in the future.

Part 2

This part of the homework was difficult because my login information for Lynda wasn’t working, and every attempt to reset my password led to an error message. Even so, I found a few walkthroughs on YouTube and managed to create the work of art seen at left. I drew a beautiful pink brain with my pencil tool, and tweened it to TFYQA (which I learned had to be broken apart before it could be tweened).

Part 3

Looking at the library of the two files, I noticed that the “Wheel” file on wheelTwo.fla had a different icon next to it. When I double clicked on that file, I realized it was actually a two-frame image. One frame looked like the wheel in wheelOne.fla, and the second frame looked like the wheel had been rotated slightly (see screenshot). When this was added to the main stage, this animation played out repeatedly, giving the illusion of a spinning wheel.

I spent a little less than an hour on this homework.


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