Chris Flash HW #2

For the first part of the hw (goomba flying through the angry birds stage). I didn’t have any problems except for getting the goomba to fly for all three seconds. The first few times, the goomba would get to the pig in 1 second and then slowly crawl to get over the pig with the helmet. It was a pretty easy fix.

For the shape tweening, I initially tried to make a text box, but that failed. After that I tried ovals and rectangles, but it didn’t look good. Finally I just decided to use lines, and that satisfied the shape tweening. I’m pretty happy with the results. THe only problem I had was just making it look decent. The tutorial was pretty good, but I had to figure out how to get text to tween on my own.

My guess for the final question on why the two wheel are acting differently is that there is a second animation within the wheel (done in another flash) and is copied and pasted into the second tween with a classic motion tween to give a direction of falling down.

This homework took me about 1 hour and 15 mins.


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Senior Political Science/Communication major from Eagan, MN
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