Stopping is Not an Option

1. The first thing I did was import the picture of the stop sign into the library. After that I used the eye dropper tool to match the color of the sky. I did the same for the colors of the stop sign, pole, and lettering. The colors are very flat in the picture which is the reason the pictures are very different.


2. The pen tool wasn’t that bad to work with. I zoomed in and used the pen tool with the beveled edges to get the curves to appear. It was very frustrating at first to get the hang of what exactly you had to click on to get the tool to do what you wanted, but after a few mess ups I think it came out decent enough. 

3. This was definitely the easiest tool to use. I aligned the objects to the four corners first. Then went through and used the equal spacing tool for the rest of them.  

4. The difference between a merge drawing and object drawing is the ability to separate the objects.  The top stars are object drawing which is why when they were pulled apart they remained two different objects. The bottom star is a merge drawing. The reason why the outline of the star stayed was that it merged with the fill of the oval, hence why it is called a merge drawing.

5. Vector graphics use lines to create an image while bitmap graphics use pixels. When zooming in on a bitmap image you  can see the different pixels. Vector graphics do not have the pixellated look even when zoomed in. This happens because the vectors are lines made from math equations which don’t change.

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